Baby Boy

It's funny how I came to meet this client . I had posted a china cabinet for sale on Craigslist and when they came to pick up the item Patricia noticed my at home studio . She text me later that day and inquired on my services and  explained that her husband is wheelchair bound so the shoot would have to be at their home. When I arrived at their home I immediately felt welcome it's almost as if I knew these people for years . They treated me like one of their own and we hit it off . I completely and totally fell in love with their baby boy . I mean how could you not . At three months old he was perfection with all his rolls and chubbiness and green eyes . After the session they invited me out to dinner and that's when I realized the feeling was mutual . The thing I enjoy most is making friends out of my clients and building relationships with these families. I've been lucky enough to have such amazing and loyal clients and I just want them to know I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to capture your previous memories . You all have a choice when it comes to your portraits and for those that have chosen me and continued to come back milestone after milestone , I am eternally grateful 💙💙.