From the first time I spoke with Alina  I absolutely knew that I wanted to work with her and her husband Anthony. One night as I was out to dinner I received a phone call from Alina, she was interested in booking a maternity session with me but there was just one problem. Her husband Anthony is actively in the U.S Navy and would only be home for 1 day . It was wednesday and he was due to arrive Thursday, I knew right then and there that I was willing to bend over backwards to make their session happen, it was my mission!  Luckily ! Anthonys luggage got lost at the airport and he was able to stay for a few more days. I've included a couple of images from their Maternity session. Alina is vietnamese and Anthony is Dominican and they have made one of the CUTEST babies Ive ever seen. Anthony Jr. 

nj maternity photographer1.jpg