THE STUDIO- Lovely Daze Photography- Kenilworth NJ



My small business journey began about  5 years ago in my living room turned home studio , it was a passion of mine that I spend hours upon hours studying . With some people it comes naturally with me I felt my progress was all hard work , sweat and tears , the passion came naturally but it took many years and some great mentors along the way to help me reach the stage I am at now . In May of 2016 I decided to go full time and rented out an apartment in Union ,NJ to use as dedicated studio space , I loved it but I outgrew that space fairly quickly . I began looking and then sometime back in early 2017 I was passing through Kenilworth and came across an office space available for rent. It was actually two small offices side by side and honestly I had a vision but still looking back at the before pictures I can't even believe its the same space. We knocked down a couple of walls, built up new ones, and completely renovated the entire space top to bottom! The reno included everything from change of floor plan, new walls, new floors, new lights, new everything ! I was so lucky to have one of my clients who I had been working with closely at the time be a contractor, and not just any old contractor, his work is amazing , his team completed the project in about 10 working days and it is everything I dreamed of and more ! The studio is broken down into three rooms, a newborn prop closet ( not featured but I will try to get some pretty pictures of it for you soon! ) The maternity wardrobe dressing room/ makeup room, and the large office which doubles as shooting space. We have some big changes coming Fall 2018 and I will try my hardest not to take another 18 months to post the big reveal ! 



lovely daze photography newborn photographer.jpeg

Behind the scenes

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