Diaz Wedding - NJ Wedding - Lovely Daze Photography


The first day I met Danny and Yeilan they came into the studio and I thought to myself wow, what an adorable young couple, I was surprised with how mature they both were. Of course, I came to find out they both have baby faces and are older than they look! They have been together for over 5 years. They told me all about how they met and their plans for their late summer wedding, as Christians they wanted to have their ceremony at their cozy church nearby . We talked for hours , about a lot more than just their wedding! We hit it off that day and every time they're on the schedule I make sure to book out an extra hour or two, sitting with them feels like hanging out with old friends,  you can feel more than just the love they have for each other but also the respect and friendship between themselves ! They don't speak over each other, and try to make sure both of their wishes are being voiced. There's such a great balance in their relationship and it's truly inspiring.





" From the moment I met you I knew you would always hold a special place in my life. Your eyes always held all the expectations of everything I didn't know I wanted.  A morning of a life I haven't lived, and now in the eye of  our morning you still hold all those promises. To braid your dreams as you braid mines, to come apart only to intertwine. To mold like clay and never break like dirt. I'll always be with you to sow our love from this morning to the next ."


" Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of this day, this very moment. As the time passed, situations, relationships, and everything in between happened. I never imagined, nor did it ever cross my mind how God would work within me, in my life, and the wonderful gift that he had in store for me at the right time. You, Danny, are truly my prince charming, you are what I dreamed of since I was a little girl. Thank you for who you are as a person, not only to me but also my family. Thank you for loving me on days that I can't even stand myself, thank you for always being by my side and on my side. You are the kind hearted, respectful , loving , patient , and understanding, gentleman that I've always dreamed of. God is so beautiful, not only did he give me all these things but he also gave me a best friend, my better half, you are more than my heart ever wanted."


You might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all other loves
— Rupi Kaur